Theater & Media Room Seating

There are four basic axioms that are critical in the delivery of a successful private home theater or multimedia entertainment space. The first two are obvious; great picture quality and clear, enveloping sound that pulls you into the experience. The next two are often overlooked…the room’s acoustic design, and comfortable, supportive seating. Ideally, for your ultimate enjoyment, all four of these factors receive equal attention.

Para Integration takes each into consideration when developing a plan for any entertainment space. Seating is a multi-faceted issue and Para Integration has flexible solutions that will meet performance and aesthetic needs.

The first aspect to be considered is the design aesthetic. As it is the visual element first seen when you walk into the entertainment space, it is critical that the seating look right.

The second element is build quality. A seating product should be constructed using the best materials for strength and performance while providing superior quality finishes using leathers, fabrics or fine woods and hard surface materials. Para Integration can provide a custom solution to fit any need or style.

Technology is another consideration as most cinema seats have recline, incline or other motorized functions that provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience for the end user. Today’s products offer a wide variety of convenience features and options that are quite similar to what you might find in a high-end luxury automobile or private aircraft.

Not all spaces require cinema seating. Para Integration also offers modular entertainment sofa products that can be customized for the specific application. No matter your space or personal style we’ve got you covered. Contact your nearest Para Integration location to learn more about high-performance seating that will provide hours of ultimate comfort.