Motorized Shading

Motorized shades not only make a home more livable and comfortable, they also provide UV protection and lower energy costs. Para Integration offers the design, installation and integration of elegant ultra-quiet motorized shades or drapery systems which are typically controlled via the lighting system or home control system. With a wide variety of designer fabric choices, unique expertise in the design of motorized window treatments, and skillful technology integration, Para Integration can take you from conception to completion on any shading or drapery project.

There are a wide variety of drapery / shade control options to suit your needs and lifestyle. Often, the drapery / shade controls are integrated within another interface, such as a lighting control keypad. This eliminates unnecessary wall clutter and simplifies operation. After all, lighting control systems and shades & drapery are controlling the same thing…light. The shade & drapery control buttons are backlit and engraved for intuitive use. Preset buttons instantly recall your favorite shade or drapery position, and these keypads are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes to complement your décor.

Since home automation control systems are very popular today, often the shade & drapery controls are integrated within your control’s touchscreen. This further eliminates wall clutter…putting all of your home’s subsystem controls (lighting, music, climate, security, etc.) within combined, intuitive touchscreen controls. Using the internal “smarts” of a home automation system, your shades or drapery can open and close automatically based on an event such as your home reaching a preset temperature, thereby saving energy. Smart home control systems even know (based on your home’s location) where the sun is located in the sky at any given moment and can lower blinds or close drapery to protect the home from unwanted heat gain and to protect fabrics from sun damage.

Here is more information on different drapery and shading options:

Roller Shades:

The most common motorized shade, the roller shade comes in a variety of configurations. The roller shades can be installed inside the existing window frame, outside the framework and mounted on the wall, ceiling or drop down from a recessed pocket. There are literally hundreds of fabric choices from ultra-sheer to total black-out. Customer-supplied fabrics are also an option in many cases. Types include: single roll, dual roll, 2-5 panel-coupled, angled coupled, curtain wall, skylight, and angled (tensioned).

Drapery Tracks:

Available in single and tandem track configurations, drapery tracks add a soft and smooth touch to your décor. Track solutions include straight, curved, bend, double curve and double bend. Tracks include ripplefold and pinch pleat applications with 80, 100 and 120% fullness styles.

Vertical Drapery Tracks:

An entirely new type of window treatment, this system gently pulls the drapery up and out of the way by using new technology. Sheer fabrics come in a variety of fabrics. Optional roller shade can be integrated with this design.

Venetian Blinds:

Traditional window covering offering system height and slat angle management. System specifications include wooden and aluminum slats.

Roman Shades:

With a revolutionary design, lifting cords associated with normal roman shade construction is eliminated. Optional styles include hobbled, knife, flat and casual soft styles.

Skylight Tensioned Shades:

Innovative tension system allows functions such as skylight, angled or bottom-up motorization. Concealed-cable guides a taut fabric in self-contained channels.

Honeycomb Shades:

Offered in battery-operated and manual configurations, the honeycomb shades require no wiring. Plug and play. Shades come in three styles; single-cell sheer, double-cell light-filtering and single-cell room-darkening fabrics.

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