Lighting ControlLighting Control

A lighting control system is now becoming an expected feature in today’s luxury home. Intuitive keypads replace banks of switches for an elegant look. Preset scenes ensure your interior design and architecture are always properly highlighted. A single button press can put your home into a sleep, entertain, or vacation mode. Convenience, safety, energy savings, and your home’s aesthetic appeal are a few of the many reasons why a lighting control system may be right for your home.

Trying to create the perfect lighting scene with multiple light dimmers is not only difficult to achieve, the bank of dimmers can be an eyesore. Eliminate wall clutter with the simple elegance of a lighting control keypad that is able to control a single fixture, a room, the entire house, or any combination thereof. For example, one four-button lighting keypad in your Master Bedroom can have a button dedicated to turning on/off all of your room’s lighting, another button can dim the lighting to a preset scene for a romantic mood, a third button can light a pathway to your Kitchen, and the fourth button can turn off all of the lights in your house.

Para Integration is in a unique position to represent multiple leading lighting control system manufacturers: Lutron and Savant. What this means for you is non-biased advice and the widest choice available in lighting keypad styles and finishes. Para Integration also designs and integrates motorized shades and drapery systems, giving you control of both natural and electric lighting within your home.

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