Hidden Audio Video

Hidden audio video is very important. You want your new home technology to be state-of-the-art and your home to feel warm and inviting. We believe that your technology should integrate seamlessly with the aesthetics of your home. Para Integration is a pioneer in creating innovative ways of making sure your music can be heard but speakers not be seen,  that security systems are undetectable, and that equipment is out of sight yet still delivers high-performance. Para Integration is able to offer more possibilities than ever to conceal technology and retain your home’s beauty.

Your home has been carefully designed to your taste, and we highly doubt stacks of electronic boxes and exposed wiring was part of your Interior Designer’s plan. For some, any visible technology is unacceptable. Particularly sensitive areas include Media Rooms that also act as Family Rooms or rooms where you do not want flush-mount speakers competing with your art collection. Even in a private Home Theater, most would prefer the electronics hidden from view. Para Integration has many solutions available to hide video displays, speakers, and controls from view, letting the elegant decor of your home take center stage.

Para Integration offers completely invisible speakers that disappear into your walls or ceilings with no visible speaker grilles. Motorized artwork concealment systems and motorized TV lifts can reveal a hidden flat-panel TV. Mirror televisions can turn a portion of your mirror into a television and then completely disappear when off. Para Integration specializes in removing the technology clutter out of your rooms and centralizing your audio/video components into mechanical rooms or basements. Out of sight…out of mind.

A new and exciting enhancement for blending technology into your home is the new flush-mount system from TRUFIG. The look of your lighting keypads, electrical outlets, and even wall data ports (phone, TV, Internet connection, etc.) can now be flush-mounted with the surface of your wall and painted to match (even if your wall surfaces are wood or stone). With this flush-mounting system, visible wall accessories virtually disappear into your wall’s surface. The mundane necessities in a home are elegantly transformed by such flush-mounting options. It is with solutions such as these that Para Integration has been a valued resource to top architects and interior designers for many years.

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